On August 2nd, 2019, Aaron was found drowned near his home. After CPR resuscitation, Aaron was rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

This site documents Aaron’s recovery, healing, and restoration. Posts by family.

You can view all Aaron’s status updates, or read the latest below:

Aaron’s latest status:

  • [From Bob] We received the following letter from the embassy in Israel: “Dear Mr. Robert Himango and Jesse Himango, As discussed last month, we wanted to let you know that […]
  • [From Jacquie] Aaron’s boss Yoni sent a letter to the ministry of Interior to beg for Aaron’s citizenship. (If Aaron receives Israeli citizenship, the State of Israel will pay for […]
  • [From Bob] The American Embassy called this morning. They are working with the Israeli government to move Aaron to the USA. They are working with social services to look at […]
  • [From Jacquie] Hey everybody, I got this text from my sister, Mary Colette, this morning: Hi sis. As I was praying and thinking of Aaron last night, I got a […]
  • [From Yoni] Hi hope you feel good. Yesterday I talked to the social worker and told them about Ahron. They asked me to give them his passport. What do I […]

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