Dreams about Aaron waking up

[From Michaela] Had a dream last night that Aaron woke up and was just fine. Can’t wait until that happens.

[From Jesse] I had the same dream Saturday nigh! I was driving with everyone, and Aaron was with us and he just woke up!!! And he was fine, he started walking around.

[From Michaela] Yes! Mine was similar, he just called me on his phone and just woke up, then he was walking around and sitting up when I went there for Sukkot.

[From Sam] I pray that he wakes up while you were there.

[From Jesse] I hope that’s from God and not just in mind mind. I had two other people at the synagogue say they know he’s just going to wake up too.

[From Michaela] Yes! I need to send you all the messages from the Go Fund Me – every single person says that they feel God is working on Aaron right now and he will wake up with so much to tell for His glory.

[From Jesse] Amen, I have faith!

[From Bob] Amen I have full trust in Messiah Yeshua!

[From Judah] God will do what’s right! We’re praying for Aaron every day.

[From Jacquie] I had a very similar dream last week! Aaron was up and talking and laughing with us!