Dream on Yom Kippur

[From Aaron’s grandma, Grandma Cheech]

I’ve had a sobering experience recently. I was in the court room of heaven…and I asked Father if I could approach Him as Judge of the Universe about something that I thought was unfair. Many of my children and grandchildren still suffer migraine headaches…I was delivered from them as well as everything such as degenerating discs which made my young life(36 years and mom of 7) hell with excruciating pain, when I was sovereignty baptized in the Holy Spirit on Nov 16, 1972 ,My life was drastically changed…and the blessings I received should flow to my children…right? Still that migraine curse did not budge…even on the children and grandchildren who have given their lives to Yeshua. Some have been set free but not all. Father gave me permission to approach Him as so, but before I could speak someone dressed in black began revealing the sins in my blood line all the way back to Adam. I was shocked and overwhelmed. I saw terrible stuff and felt the shame and weight of it all. I began to weep and asked  forgiveness…I begged Father to cover it all with the Blood of Yeshua. Above the clamor of the accuser snd my bawling, I heard a loud voice say, “Not guilty!” A weight lifted off of me and a sweet peace consumed me.  I know for sure that not only have I been forgiven of all my sins, but so has my family. And all curses need to bow!! Tonight we begin the observance of Yom Kippur…the Day of Judgment.  I understand this Feast in a much greater way since my experience in Fathers court room. And I certainly am more grateful for Yeshua and the price He paid for my freedom.  In some not too far away Yom Kippur we will all stand before Father. Yeshua will plead our case for freedom…for all of us who have given Him permission to do so. We also are given a robe of righteousness…the wedding attire that will allow us entrance to the party. Don’t any of you miss it

One thought on “Dream on Yom Kippur

  1. Teddy Miller

    Wow. Thank you for posting this Judah, and may you be exceedingly blessed in all your offspring, Grandma Cheech. Continuing to uphold Aaron and all your family.