Aaron’s brain hasn’t been scanned since he was first admitted to the hospital

[From David] Talked to the social worker and getting a copy of all his last blood tests, etc. From what could be seen in his record, he has only had 1 brain scan and that was done in the ER when he first arrived. The scan results we had before must have been from that.

They ordered another scan and it should be done within the next few days. The social worker gave us her contact info and said she can get the results to us when the scan is done. It boils down to the doctors not seeing progress and them thinking he will need chronic care in a special facility.

If he can get citizenship, then all is well. The social worker seems to think they haven’t approved citizenship because of the sect of Judaism that he was part of and the Rabbi is not recognized by the State. If the lawyer can’t prove in writing to Dr. Buda that progress is being made with citizenship, they will move to get him transferred. The U.S. is the entity that would do the transfer, not Israel, since the only formal status that he has is with the U.S. Their concern is that he has racked up a huge bill and there is no one to pay for it. They are in contact with the Government and will basically tell the U.S. that we have one of your citizens with no status in this country; get him back to the states, and the embassy will figure out the transfer.