Aaron continues to improve

[From Michaela] Aaron is seizure-free today.l Been with hmi 8ish hours now and no seizures. He’s been opening his eyes a lot again. Haven’t talked to a doctor though I’ve been asking over and over and over. Maybe one of you will call??? I’m having no such luck.

I think the doctors and nurses worked a double shift the ywere the same as last night and again this morning and just now there was a shift change. Some better nurses who I like and don’t know which doc. But since I’ve been here they haven’t changed him, or anything. I’ve been his nurse today lol but the new nurse just came in to do the first check on him. His blood pressure is good, a touch low they said, it’s 129/86, they’re about to suction out his neck I think he has a lot of mucus in there and he struggles sometimes to clear his throat.

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