Aaron’s doctor gives an update: some dead brain tissue, prognosis still uncertain

[From Michaela] Spoke to the doctor, he said the main thing on the CT scan was that there “appeared to be some dead tissue in the brain.” His English was really bad, my Hebrew is really bad, so I don’t know where in the brain, or if that’s certain, he sounded like he wasn’t sure?

He said there’s some brain swelling, but not nearly as bad as before. He said it’s gone down a lot.

So far today Aaron has had one seizure, he’s bene sleeping a lot (and snoring!!) it’s good to see him get sleep. I think he’s feeling better. When he’s awake he has his eyes oepened for very long periods of time and is looking around a little more.Aaron is still responding. Aaron also DOES have pneumonia they found out from the blood work, (they find out a week after he got sick? ay ay ay) so his new antibiotic is working, he’s doing better on that end of things.

So if he does have dead brain tissue, I just looked it up, sounds like he could be in the hospital for another month or two… the brain will work to rewire around the cavity that will be there afte rthe body clears up that dead tissue out.

I’m done. I’m struggling the last few days. It’s a pain to get here, a pain to get back home, a pain to get Aaron some good car, a paint to fight the doctors and nurses on every little thing. I feel like buying a smart phone and setting it up to their WiFi and have a video monitor on him when I leave so we can see what they’re doing and yell at them lol.

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