[Photos] They are not taking good care of Aaron

[From Michaela] After seeing Aaron today, I almost think it’s best if he’s in the states near family. His nails are long and yellow. His muscles are gone, she said she can’t clip his nails so I have to bring my own and do it for him. They’re not caring for him.

Aaron’s muscles are withering, and he has bed sores
He has a serious open wound
Ear sore, possibly from not being rotated in the bed
They clipped his nails before I got a picture of how long they had become.

He does have pneumonia (get a different story from each nurse) but it’s getting better, he doesn’t seem to have labored breathing even from a few days ago. His pulse is much better. Still having some twitches. He responds well to CBD oil it seems to calm down his seizures. He’s resting now. We just spent a few hours worshiping and praising with him and praying over him and urging him to submit to Yeshua.