Aaron’s social workers requesting his passport

[From Yoni] Hi hope you feel good. Yesterday I talked to the social worker and told them about Ahron. They asked me to give them his passport. What do I do?

[From Bob] We were trying to wait 3 months after accident. Ahron wanted to stay in Yisrael. You have my OK to give them Ahron’s passport next time you visit. They want to deport him to USA. Ahron would not like that, but at this point in time we are out of options. Sure hope he awakes soon!

[From Yoni] She asked me what would Ahron want. I told her, “To stay in Israel.” She told me that now the problem is in America that they don’t find a hospital. So he is staying in Israel for now. Any way I will ask the lawyer if it’s OK to give the passport.

[From Yoni, some time later] Talk to the lawyer. He said not to give the passport.

One thought on “Aaron’s social workers requesting his passport

  1. Jim B

    I don’t understand, deport him, he was working for Israel when he became sick, this is the Thank You, for a one of the Feathers that returned home from the Eagle that Will Fly Among-st the Land. Our Father Has Purpose for this, Arron is with His Abba until this comes to resolve.
    “Arron, Arise from your sleep, and behold the LORD!” AMEN