Prayer and intercession for Aaron

[From Jacquie] Hey everybody, I got this text from my sister, Mary Colette, this morning:

Hi sis. As I was praying and thinking of Aaron last night, I got a sense that he’s going to wake up real soon. Maybe even today. Just wanted to let you know!! Can’t wait!!

It’s a good word. It encourages me to stand on what Yahweh has told us and not waiver! Aaron will be back soon!

[From Judah] Last night I was praying for Aaron, and that song that Aaron wrote came to mind:

When I fall, O God
You pick me up

When I’m slipping up
You catch my hand

When I’m looking down
You raise my head

-Aaron, When I Fall

I was asking God to do that for Aaron last night. Even so, God’s will and not ours.

2 thoughts on “Prayer and intercession for Aaron

  1. John & susan Finley

    We have prayed daily since hearing the news. Praying for the entire family Hashem’s mercy & Aaron’s continued recovery.

  2. Hein

    We will keep on praying and God, in His infinite wisdom, will do what He had planned many years ago. While we don’t understand the reasons, God still hears our supplications and tests us in ways beyond our wildest expectations. May it be in His will to return Aaron to his family and friends.